• Fishing Australia
  • September 23, 2014

Media Release September 2014 | Media contact: Gemma Gadd 0408 794 970 www.depi.vic.gov.au | Follow us on Twitter: @DPI_Vic | facebook.com/DEPIFisheries

Bright future for Port Phillip snapper stocks

Recreational and commercial fishers can look forward to a bright future for Port Phillip Bay snapper after...

  • Fishing Australia
  • March 20, 2014
Fishing for Dusky Flathead


Dusky Flathead – Platycephalus fuscus

Dusky Flathead is also known as Flattie, Lizard and Frog. The Dusky Flatheads Colour varies with location fish caught in sandy areas are light brown in colour whereas fish caught on muddy or weedy areas...

  • Fishing Australia
  • March 17, 2014
Shimano Aernos 1000 FA Fishing Reel Product Videos

Product Description Shimano Aernos FA Spinning Fishing Reel – 1000 FA Model

Aernos 1000 FA Fishing Reel – is a perfect light weight fishing reel suited for use up in the highlands chasing trout or bream and...

  • Fishing Australia
  • January 23, 2014
Fishing for Albacore in Australia


Albacore – Thunnus alalunga

Albacore are also known as Long Finned Tuna and Albies. The albacore’s body is dark blue to almost black on the top and back progressing to a lighter blue on the flanks fading to...

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