Beach Worm

Beach Worm | Australonuphis Teres

The Beach worm can grow up to approximately 2 to 3mtrs long and have a red to greenish head with a pearly iridescent coloured body. Beach worms are found on surf beaches in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Beach Worm as Bait
Beach Worms are the number one bait used on our beaches and are best used live or fresh. Whiting, Dart, Australian Salmon, Flathead and even big Jewfish find them irresistible to pass up as a quick and easy meal.

How to Catch Beach Worms
Beach worms are collected by coaxing to the surface with an oily fish for berley at low tide as a wave recedes. When a worm shows itself stake the berley in place, using a small piece of fish or Pipi place near the worm it will take the bait as the beach worm arches taking the bait use a pair of pliers or your thumb and finger to firmly grab the worm and pull from the sand. Store your worms in a bucket with clean damp sand and only take what is needed for your days fishing. Alternatively, you can purchase live or cure worms from your local Bait and Tackle shop.

Bait Presentation
Beach Worms are best presented on a single hook with the worm either threaded on or the hook passed back through the body several times. Best hooks are Long Shanks size from 4 up to 2/0.


Beach Worm

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Did you Know…

Beachworm larvae live as zooplankton that  feed on phytoplankton. at about 3 cm long,  the planktonic worms settle in the sand as  juveniles. Australonuphis parateres can grow up  to 300 cm long and 1.5 cm wide, whilst A. teres  and H. mariahirsuta can both grow to 100 cm  long and up to 1.5 and 1 cm wide respectively.  Australonuphis spp. reach sexual maturity at a  length of around 40 cm.

The Big Three

Australonuphis parateres also known as slimy.
Australonuphis teres  also known as kingworm and stumpy.
Hirsutonuphis mariahirsuta also known as wiry.

Beach Worm – Size and Bag Limts

Please Note:
Bag limits, minimum and maximum lengths are subject to change and review by your State Fisheries Department.
There is a recreational bag limit of 20 beachworms.

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