A complete guide to choosing the best Carp Fishing Rod.

Choosing the best carp fishing rod can be a time consuming and confusing task. We have taken the pain out of choosing a carp rod that is right for your fishing situation putting together a comprehensive list of the most popular carp rods that will suit all budgets and experience. All rods are independently reviewed by Fishos just like you. Each rod has a downloadable guide with the complete details.

Side by side carp rod comparision


Ultralight Portable

Carbon Fiber Portable Carp Pole

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Super Light

High Carbon 7 Section Carp Rod

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Our Choice

Carp fishing rod

 1 Piece Carbon Fiber Rod

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Superhard Carbon

Luo Pole Carp Fishing Rod

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Perfectly Balanced

7 Sections Carp Rod 3.6m

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Choosing a carp fishing rod

Understanding the basics of a carp rod is essential without this knowledge your chances of consistent success will be greatly diminished, however, the popularity of carp fishing works to your favour finding a rod won’t be a problem the first question one or two? Well, most carp anglers these days have and use at least two rods. why two rods you ask well? Carp fishing is very much a measure of patience and secondly area coverage, the great the area you cover the better your chances of a faster hook up. The general Carp rods are typically 11 to 12ft and segmented into two or three pieces they are heavy duty in construction by design. Carp rod is rated by its Test Curve the action of the rod also plays an important part both are unique and play their part for the rods overall performance which we examine further in-depth in this article.

  • What is Test Curve?
  • Through Action Carp Rods
  • Fast Tip or taper Carp Rods
  • Medium Action Carp Rods
  • Reel Seat and Line Guides
  • Making a Selection
  • Rod Handles
  • Section joints
  • Rod Composition

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