Dusky Flathead | Platycephalus fuscus

Dusky Flathead

Dusky Flathead is also known as Flattie, Lizard and Frog. The Dusky Flatheads Colour varies with location fish caught in sandy areas are light brown in colour whereas fish caught on muddy or weedy areas are often dark brown with a greenish tinge dark bars are often visible across upper body. Dusky Flathead is easily distinguished from other flatheads by the distinctive black spot circled in blue on their tail fin.

The Dusky Flathead is the largest of all Australian flathead. Most commonly caught between 40cm and 60cm, however it can reach 1.2m and weighing up to 15kg.

*** Please Note all Dusky Flathead over 60cm are females and should be Released ***

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How To Catch Big Dusky Flathead” PART 1

Dusky Flathead

Dusky Flathead Distribution

Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria


Best Months



Pilchards, Frogmouth Pilchards, Garfish, White Pilchards, Tuna, Mullet, Squid, Yabbies, Prawns and Worms

Recommended Lures and Tackle


Light Tackle.


Blades, Minnow Lures, Jigs, Saltwater fly, Jigs and soft Plastics.

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Dusky Flathead – Size and Bag Limits

Please Note:
Bag limits, minimum and maximum lengths are subject to change and review by your State Fisheries Department.
  • minimum size: 40 cm
  • maximum size 75 cm
  • possession limit: 5

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