First Catch Gallery

My First Catch Gallery

Australia is home to some of the best Saltwater and freshwater fishing on the planet and now it’s your chance to show the world your first catch you’ve pulled from our beautiful waters

Show off the catch that you’re so proud of.  It can be recent or from years gone by. Sumit your catch here

Enjoy the gallery and please leave a comment below… Tight lines.

Robbie Burke

Fisho: Robbie Burke
When Caught: 14th Oct
Where Caught:  Tuggeranong Lake ACT
Species Caught: Murray Cod
Weight: 9 Kg
Length: 70cm

Murray Cod caught by Robbie Burke in Tuggeranong Lake ACT after school Friday 14th October. Robbie is 17. The fish measured 70cm and a guessed weight of 9Kg. The fish was  caught with scrub worms on a size 4 hook  with sinker on the bottom.  The fish was released back into the water after the photo was taken. During this session, another Cod and Yellow Belly were also caught and all released.

Great Catch Robbie!

Fisho: Grant
Age: 14
Where Caught:
  Scotts Point
Species Caught: Yellowfin Bream
Weight: 906grams

I was fishing at low tide on the rocks at Scotts point in the school holidays. After a few casts out and lost baits I thought this is no good, when I was ready to pack up and leave I thought I would just use the rest of my bait and go home. I cast in my line and waited for a bit and yet again nothing was happening so I said “thats it I’m going home” I went to pull in my line and thought I had gotten a snag then the line began to pull and swim about madly. After about 3mins i caught site of a silver glow and there it was my biggest fish i have ever caught. I was using a 6lb line with Mullet for bait.


Fisho: Ryan
Age: 8
Date Caught: 25/09/
Where Caught:
Species Caught: Sand Whiting
Size: 28cm

Hi my name is Ryan. When I was fishing  a big huge fish took my line. I reeled it in really, really fast . I did get it in, in about a minute. It was a 28cm long Sand Whiting.The bait we used were worms from Barra Jacks .I am 8 by the way and I am in Noosa as well.