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Heavy Tackle

What is heavy tackle? Strong rods, big reels and heavy line pretty much sums it up. Heavy Tackle does have its time and place for example to pull any number of our top end brawlers away from the coral reefs and bombies or big Yellowtail Kingfish off a deep reef anything less than heavy tackle would be like putting a hot knife through butter. Fishing for large pelagic fish or sharks from the rocks heavy tackle is required or other wise the bottom of the spool would soon be seen. The table below is a simple to follow reference to fishing heavy.

Tackle Table

Below is a general table designed to help you choose the right Heavy Tackle designed on weight class

Maximum Fish WeightGeneral Heavy Tackle Weight
0kg up to 5kgRecommended 10kg +
5kg up to 10kgRecommended 10kg to 20kg
10kg up to 15kgRecommended 25kg to 30kg
15kg up to 20kgRecommended 30kg to 50kg

Heavy Tackle game fishing is a specialized area and if you intend to try this type of fishing you should first try a local charter service to get an idea of what is involved.


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