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Light Tackle

Really what is light tackle fishing? I believe you could and probably do define it many ways but the best I have heard is “Putting the strength weight and speed of your piscatorial opponent against yourself and the rod, reel and line class you choose” and really that’s as basic as it gets. Let’s say bream fishing on 4kg line a 10ft rod and a 5inch alvey? No way that’s more general purpose and a guarantee to take home a feed type of fishing. Light tackle breamfishing would be more like 1 to 2kg line an 8ft fast taper rod with a beautifully balance spinning reel, that sort of rig would even the playing field some what. And the best part is the same outfit would be suitable for Whiting, Flathead and many other salt and freshwater species that grow up to 5kg weight.
Tackle Table
Below is a general table designed to help you choose the right light tackle designed on weight class.
Maximum Fish WeightGeneral Light Tackle Weight
0kg upto 5kgRecomended 2kg to 3kg
5kg up to 10kgRecomended 4kg to 8kg
10kg up to 15kgRecomended 8kg to 12kg
15kg up to 20kgRecomended 12kg to 20kg
25kg and above this becomes more a specialized and skilled area of Light Tackle if beginning here would do best to go with charter services or fishing guides that specialize in this type of fishing.

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