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Medium Tackle

What is medium tackle? It can be best described as the best tackle to catch your fish and still ensure enjoyment of the fight of your target species. It’s all about fish weight being relatively equal to fishing equipment. So let’s say we are fishing for whiting today we take an eight foot general purpose rod with nicely balanced spinning reel spooled with 2 or 3Kg line, yes that would be medium tackle for whiting however the same outfit would not be considered medium tackle for snapper fishing and an outfit of the 5 to 10kg range would be more appropriate here. The table below is a simple to follow reference to fishing
Tackle Table
Below is a general table designed to help you choose the right Medium tackle designed on weight class.

Maximum Fish Weight General Medium Tackle Weight
 0kg up to 5kg Recommended 3kg to 8kg
 5kg up to 10kg Recommended 5kg to 15kg
10kg up to 15kg Recommended 10kg to 20kg
15kg up to 20kg Recommended 15kg to 30kg
By most fishing standards 30Kg + tackle is entering the Heavy tackle class read more here

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