Luderick | Girella tricuspidata

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Common Name: Luderick
Species Name: Girella tricuspidata


The Luderick is also known as Black Bream, Blackfish, Nigger, Darkie and Bronzies. The colour of the Luderick varies with the location they inhabit. Luderick caught in estuary’s tend to be dark greyish blue to brown with purple hues whereas ocean dwelling Luderick are more bronze to a blackish brown in colour with purple hues. The lower belly and beneath the gill area is silvery grey or a cream colour. A distinctive feature of the Luderick is the 10 to 12 vertical bars along the flanks. Luderick can grow to approximately 70cm or around 4 kg however fish up to 1.2kg are more common.

Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia

Light Tackle to Medium Tackle

Prawns, Worms, Green weed and Cabbage weed
Luderick Size and Bag Limits

Please Note: Bag limits, minimum and maximum lengths are subject to change and review by your State Fisheries Department.


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