Lure Types and Styles | High Speed Trolling Lures

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High Speed Trolling Lures

Hex Head Lures
Hex Head’s are designed for trolling to speeds up to or around 20 knots the skirt colour and choice of head style is highly varied although metal heads are much better for the higher speed as they will consistently troll below the surface better in many different conditions. Hex Head’s are an excellent lure choice for Wahoo, Tuna and Billfish.

Konahead Lures
Konahead lures are hugely popular high speed trolling lure, the skirt has so many colour and pattern variations is just a simple matter of personal choice. The heads style is more important in many respects, they are most commonly made from metals or molded resins with slanted, cupped, long tapered, skipping and off center styles. All the different heads produce different actions relative to the sped they are trolled at. Konaheads are an excellent lure for all high speed pelagic fish including Tuna, Dolphin fish, Sailfish and other billfish.


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