Lure Types and Styles | Jigs

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Large Metal Jigs
200g to 400g Deep water jigs are an excellent choice for fishing open water with a fast running current when the need to get the jig as down to the bottom as vertical and quickly as possible. The color pattern and style is becoming endless however the longer streamline knife patterns are a popular choice for their fluttering falling motion during the retrieve this type of wounded baitfish action is irresistible to Yellowtail Kingfish and similar species as well as many other favorite reef dwelling fish.

Small Metal Jigs
Small metal Jigs are similar to there larger cousins with shape, colour patterns and action in the water. With the lighter weight these jigs can also be cast at feeding fish or around rock ledges and worked back in a similar erratic action an injured baitfish would display. This style of jigging account for many excellent captures of Australian Salmon and Tailor each year. Small Metal Jigs are inexpensive lures and a good colour and size range is a handy addition to any tackle box.


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