Lure Types and Styles | Metal Lures

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Metal Lures

One of the simplest yet most effective and versatile lures for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Spoons generate highly erratic movements in the water resembling an injured or panicked baitfish. They come in a wide variety of styles and are commonly dressed up with bright painted patterns with tuffs of fur or feathers and often a red plastic tag near the hook. Spoons are best retrieved or trolled at lower speeds to minimize line twist they generate. Spoons will take many species of fish from Trout to Tuna.

Chrome Slices
Generally from 4cm up to 12cm chrome slices are ideal lures for casting from the shore or boat. The action generated by the lure resembles a wounded or fleeing baitfish skipping out of the water when retrieved quickly. There are hundreds of styles and often come with a reflective holographic sticker to one side and fitted with split rings and single or treble hook at the bottom. Chrome Slices are relatively cheap to buy so a good size and colour range is handy to have in the tackle box for matching the size of the bait fish in your local area. Chrome Slices are deadly on Tailor, Australian Salmon, Bonito and similar open water pelagic fish.


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