Lure Types and Styles | Minnow Lures

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Large Trolling Minnows
Large Trolling Minnows 25cm or longer come in a wide variety of colours with the colour patterns of white with the red head and also the mackerel pattern are very popular. Large bibbed minnows are normally trolled at speeds up to 10 knots and depths between 1 and 6 foot of water whereas bibles minnows can tolerate a higher speed without skipping. These are excellent lures for a wide variety of oceanic species in Including Tuna, Mackerel and Wahoo to name just a few.

Minnows or Bibbed Lures
Minnows or Bibbed lures are designed to dive at various depths this done by the angle and size of the bib at the front of the lure as water passes over the lure it is forced downward this also creates a life like swimming action. The colour range is seemingly endless so it is the way the lure works that is important. Most minnow lures float when not being retrieved however there are minnows that sinking or are depth set these styles are excellent when fishing on to drop off’s or step banks allowing the lure to enter the strike zone. Another popular Minnow is the Jointed Minnow when it is retrieved both parts move independently of each other creating a very realistic swimming action. Flathead, Trout, Trevally and Barramundi are all aggressive minnow takers.


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