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Shimano Aernos 1000 FA Fishing Reel

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Shimano Aernos FA Spinning Fishing Reel – 1000 FA Model

Shimano Aernos 1000 FAAernos 1000 FA Fishing Reel – is a perfect light weight fishing reel suited for use up in the highlands chasing trout or bream and whiting in the estuaries across Australia. Whether you soak a bait or spin small lures the Aernos 1000FA is the perfect companion.

The Shimano Aernos FA Fishing Reel is riding the crest of the wave in new fishing technology and fashion

Featuring Shimano’s P4 concept Power, Precision, Performance and Pleasure, The Shimano Aernos FA Fishing Reel series has all the power you need to handle stubborn fish, precision engineering to perform faultlessly cast after cast, fish after fish and with its small profile body soft grip handle the Shimano Aernos FA Fishing reel is a pleasure to use!


ModelMono Cap(kg/m)Power Pro Braid Cap (lbs/m)Gear RatioRetrieve cm Per CrankBearingsDrag Power kg
ARNS1000FA1/2475/1725.2:1645 + 12
ARNS2500FA3/1838/2625.2:1745 + 13
ARNS4000FA4/21915/2405.1:1815 + 16


Features and Benefits

P4 Concept – Power, Precision, Performance and Pleasure Shimano’s mantra when designing and building a reel

AR-C Spool – Shimano’s unique spool lip design that helps achieve longer cast while significantly reducing wind knots and backlashes from forming.

Dyna Balance – A unique design concept by Shimano that eradicates wobble during the retrieve this is attained by counterbalancing the rotor. The added benefit is increased smoothness and sensitivity

Super Stopper II – Super strong roller clutch anti reverse system that provides virtually zero back play in the reel,

Varispeed – Is an oval oscillation gear alters the speed of the oscillation cam to provide a consistent spool speed, this resulting in a more even line lay that in turn produces better cast ability and line manageability. Also stops the dreaded problem of line accumulating at the top or bottom of the spool.

Power Roller – An Oversized line roller bearing designed to minimize excessive line twist from casting and retrieving

CF Spool – The spool is cold forged out of one piece of metal, significantly improving its strength and rigidity, with the added benefit of increasing resistance to abrasion and impact damage.

EI -Anti Corrosion Surface treatment, Shimano’s two stage surfacing treatment process that increases the corrosion resistance twofold of a standard anodized reel

Are you after a fishing reel that performs but also looks great? Get a Shimano’s Aernos FA Fishing Reel and standout amongst the crowd.

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Note: The image of the Shimano Aernos Fishing Reel featured in this listing is for illustration purposes only. There may be some slight differences between images and models such as different handle design etc. Refer to the image of this Shimano Aernos fishing reel for rough illustration reference only.

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