Shimano reels 2017

Shimano Reels 2017

Shimano Reels 2017 Catalogue

Why Shimano Reels? Shimano has led the way advancing fishing reel mechanics since 1921 and offers Australian Fishos some of the most advanced and fishing reels that will suit every budget from jetty fishing to blue water battles. we are proud to feature the complete Shimano Reels 2017 catalogue.

Shimano’s on going commitment to technology and research has been the key to their success. Shimano’s goal still holds true today, Enjoy fishing, catching fish in the great outdoors.

Shimano has a wide range of spinning reels and we cover each of the 36 series of reels and dive into the 110 different models.

17 overhead reels including 8 low profile and round baitcasters in a size that will suit you. Let’s not forget about the Game reels Shimano are world famous for which has more than 45 in the range.

It doesn’t matter what type of fishing you love Shimano has the right reel at the right price. nearly 100 years in the fishing reel business Shimano knows why you fish.

Australian fishos are a picky bunch we all have our favourites and fishing being Australia’s favourite pastime we all want the best fishing reels.

We would love to hear your feedback and comments about Shimano Reels. Email Fishing Australia or connect with us on Facebook.

Check out the complete Shimano reels 2017 catalogue here.

Shimano reels 2017

Shimano Reels

Spinning Reels

Stella FI series is more about finesse, making them perfect for light line applications in both fresh and salt water, from inland lakes to the coast.

Stella FI Guide – 2017
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Twin Power XD has been born and set a new benchmark for Saltwater spinning reels. The Twin Power XD stays true its premium pedigree.

The totally re-vamped Stradic CI4+FB is a significant improvement over the previous range. Weight has been reduced by 5 grams or more.

Ultegra reels has long been a cornerstone of the Shimano reels. In 2017, the Australian market will see the introduction of the Ultegra FB

Shimano’s Stradic spin reel series have been enhanced by the inclusion of Hagane Body and Hagane Gears for better all-round performance.

Shimano’s Sustain range fits into Shimano’s higher end of spinning reels and features a stylish gunmetal black and chrome finish.

The all-new Nasci spin reel lineup covers a number of light to medium line class situations for fishing in Salt and freshwater environments.

Finished in stunning silver and gold cosmetics, the Sedona FI represents exception value at a price point that is accessible to all anglers.

The Sedona FE series are up spec’d version of a Shimano classic, featuring Compact Body, VariSpeed II, and the Propulsion Line Management System

The Sienna FE series raises the standard in entry-level reels and takes an inexperienced angler to new levels of fishing performance and ability.

Shimano Cazna front drag series are quality spinning reels at an affordable price. They are smooth performers, ideal for use with Power Pro braided line.

The Hyperloop FB spin reel is true value for money, and offers features rarely found in this price range.

AX FB range for people who are looking for an entry level reel that has a fast retrieve rate, with each model having a respectable 5.2:1 gear ratio.

The FX has been one of the most popular spin reels in Australia for over a decade now, because it’s budget-priced, practical and reliable.

The IX Shimano spin reel is the perfect choice for young anglers just starting out in fishing. Easy rear drag and a Quick Fire II bail arm.

Saltwater Spinning Reels

No longer a reel for coastal and inshore fishing, the modern generation Stellas have the ability to tackle the largest bluewater game fish on the planet.

Hagane Body and Hagane Gears, an increased number of bearings, and heavy drag, have made the Twin Power spin reels must-have saltwater angler.

Shimano’s Saragosa reels offer anglers a saltwater series that can handle larger offshore species, while coping with the punishment of regular saltwater use.

The latest Biomaster SWAs a no-nonsense, utterly dependable reel range. Biomaster SWA series is a winning combination.

The versatile Socorro SW reel targets the near shore- and offshore angler fishing for multiple species using bait, lure, and jig

The 5000 Compact Stradic spin reels have been enhanced with Hagane Body and Hagane Gears, for better all-round performance in saltwater conditions.

Shimano’s Sustain reels have an aluminium frame and sideplate, with Magnumlite CI4 rotor that reduces weight for easy use and longer casting.

The new Spheros is a whole lot prettier than it’s predecessor, but at the heart remains a gutsy, no-nonsense reel.

Game Fishing Reels

These reels are built for the toughest of fish. There are ten sizes in the lineup and there is no game species too big or too small to be handled by Tiagra.

If you are looking for a game fishing reel that is built to handle the biggest fish, then look no further than the Talica two speed series.

The Talica series of light game fishing reels feature a high speed retrieve that can be used for deep water jigging, casting lures or trolling.

Tyrnos two speed reels offer dual gear convenience at a reasonable price. The range comes in four sizes and are suitable for most bluewater fishing.

The mid-priced Tyrnos reels offer excellent retrieve rates, strong, diecast aluminium bodies, and power ergonomic handles for comfortable winding

The Shimano TLD two speeds are durable, tough lever drag overheads that come in three sizes. They have both a high and a low speed gear ratio.

Baitrunner Reels

The Thunnus CI4 reel perfect for saltwater bait fishing enthusiasts. It comes in four sizes for heavy estuary to bigger reef and mid-size game species.

The D series features the latest Shimano key technologies, including the original Shimano Baitrunner innovation. Ideally suited to targeting big fish.

The most edition of the Shimano Baitrunner range, the OC series draws on all the features that have made the Shimano Baitrunner a success.

ST Baitrunners are perfect for fishos just starting out on the freespool spin reels. They come in two sizes for freshwater and estuary, and light offshore fishing.

Beach Reels

Shimano’s Aerlex range has been designed for beach and rock fishing. They come with an AR-C Spool, so it is designed for long casting situations.

If you’re looking for a ‘big pit’ surf or rock spin reel, it’s hard to go past the new Shimano Speedcasts.

The Ultegra Ci4+ is not only lighter, but stronger due to the Ci4+ rotor and body upgrade. Making it Shimano’s flagship surf casting reel.

The Baitrunner Long Cast includes Shimano’s famous Baitrunner technology, specifically designed for long casts when rock and beach fishing.

The Ultegra 14000 XTC is the pick of them all. Featuring X-Ship and 20 kilos of drag, this reel is destined to bring those big jewfish, sharks and kings.

Baitcast Reels

Ultra-lightweight and top level performance is the best way to describe the new Chronarch MGL series. In pursuit of effortless casting.

The Shimano Tranx baitcaster reels are not only ergonomic in the hand, packed with more than enough drag, durable and strongly built.

Digital Cast Control on the Exsence mean overruns are a thing of the past, while the high gear ratio, nine SA-RB bearings and aluminium body.

The Chronarch is the latest in quality baitcasters, with a CI4+ frame, a 7075 super-light, cold-forged machine-cut aluminium spool.

The I series, sees this reel tricked up even further than its predecessors, taking design and performance characteristics to a whole new level.

With their low profile technology and performance Shimano’s Citica G series, perfect for impoundment, creek, estuary and inshore saltwater.

The Casita baitcaster come in two retrieve options fast 6.3:1 and 7.2:1. The Cross Carbon drag can crank out a fish stopping six kilos of power if required.

The Shimano Caenan reel provides anglers with an incredible amount of features at an extremely affordable price. It is ideal for freshwater fishing.

The Caius looks and performs well above its status. Quickfire II clutch, and you have a great reel for the intermediate or beginner angler.

This iconic round baitcaster has the latest state-of-the-art fishing technology that will see it continue to perform well into the 21st century.

One of the all time classic baitcaster reels, the Calcuttas have been catching fish in Australia for over 20 years now. all have incredible drag power ratings.

The Corvalus series offers an affordable round baitcaster reel alternative to Shimano’s Calcuttas. The range comes in three sizes and offers a ton of features.

Overhead Reels

The Tranx range of reels are designed for use with braid, making them perfect for targeting large snapper or pelagic species.

For multi-skilled anglers who cast, jig, troll or live bait, there are no better performing star drag overheads on the market than the Shimano Trinidads.

The Torium is a solidly-built star-drag saltwater reel perfect for live bait or bottom-fishing. Packed with features the Torium has it where it counts.

Shimano’s TLDs are an iconic range of overhead reels. They are perfect for fishos who are seeking tough reels for chasing larger reef or light game species.

The Shimano Tekota features including a cold forged spool, a Dartanium drag, precision star click drag, and one-piece diecast aluminium frame.

Shimano’s TR2000LD is a tough, uncompromising offshore reel, complete with levelwinds and lever drags, ideal for anglers inexperienced with overheads.

Shimano TR200G has a levelwind, a corrosion-resistant XT7 frame and a star drag. This reel is ideal for trolling, bait fishing or boat or land-based fishos.

Shimano Torsa series demonstrates the innovative thinking. The range comes in four sizes, which are great for smaller pelagic species right up to marlin.

Electric Reels

BeastMaster 9000 includes Shimano’s GigaMax motor, a brushless design that provides high torque, and a maximum winding strength of 250-pounds.

Forcemaster electric reel series by Shimano has arrived. A reel that not only looks sleek and stylish but also has strength and technology to back it up.

Plays Electric Reels offers all the features of Shimano’s electric power assisted reels but in a compact overhead size for ease of operation.

Fly Reel

The Biocraft XT is one of the most highly regarded fly fishing reels of the last decade, and is at the very heart of Shimano’s fly fishing business.