Spangled Emperor | Lethrinus nebulosus

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Common Name: Spangled Emperor
Species Name: Lethrinus nebulosus

The Spangled Emperor is also known as the Yellow Sweetlip Yellow Emperor and North West Snapper. The Spangled Emperor is generally golden to yellowish on the upper back and flanks the scales on the flanks have bright blue spots. The lower flanks become lighter with the belly area being silvery white. The face of the Spangled emperor is striking with beautiful neon blue lines radiating from the eyes in all directions. The tail fin is often golden yellow around the outer margins also the dorsal fin may have the same colouration with small blue spots. The pelvic and anal fins are usually more silvery white. The Spangled Emperor is the largest of the Australian Emperors and can reach weights up to 10kg and 90cm in length however it is more commonly caught at around 60cm mark.

Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and New South Wales

Medium to Heavy Tackle

Pilchards, Garfish, Herring, Octopus, Squid and Prawns
Spangled Emperor Size and Bag Limits

Please Note: Bag limits, minimum and maximum lengths are subject to change and review by your State Fisheries Department.


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