Spotted Mackerel | Scomberomorus munroi

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Common Name: Spotted mackerel
Species Name: Scomberomorus munroi
The Spotted Mackerel is also known as Spotty Mackerel and Spotty. The Spotted Mackerel is an iridescent blue green colour on the upper back and flanks becoming silvery on the sides with a silvery white belly area. A broad row of dark spots run along the body from just behind head to the tail. The dorsal fin is blue and lacks the white patch of the School Mackerel the pectoral fins are small and dark with anal fin more silvery white in colour. Spotted Mackerel can grow to approximately 10kg and 1 meter in length however fish around the 3kg mark are more commonly caught.

New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia

Light Tackle to Medium Tackle

Chrome Lures, Minnows, Jigs, Salt Water Fly, Surface Poppers, Spoons and Skirted lures

Pilchard, Slimy Mackerel, Tuna, Garfish and Yellowtail

Spotted Mackerel Size and Bag Limits

Please Note: Bag limits, minimum and maximum lengths are subject to change and review by your State Fisheries Department.


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