[section color=””][full_width] The Squid is an invertebrate sea creature and member of the cephalopod family. Squid are masters of disguise able mimic there background colour almost instantly. They have a large head with eight short tentacles with a parrot like beak in the center and two longer tentacles which are used for catching there prey of which their diet is mainly fish and prawns. Squid are commonly caught up to 30cm long.

Squid as bait
Squid is excellent bait its tough rubbery qualities make it ideal for areas where small fish pick away at less durable baits. Squid will take most species of fish and is a favorite Snapper and Jewfish.

How to Catch Squid
The Yo-Zuri squid lure and many cheaper imitations would have to be by far the number one lure for catching squid they designed to imitate a prawn squid find them irresistible this makes them a good investment and a useful addition to the tackle box. Other lures designed for squid fishing include the bullet shaped jigs and the metal spike design to place a baitfish like a pilchard on this is also an excellent way to catch squid and is one of the cheaper methods.

Presenting Squid as Bait
Squid can be used as live or dead bait; live squid are a particular favorite of Mulloway, Snapper and Yellowtail Kingfish. As a dead bait it can be used whole or cut in to strips and pieces or used as combination or cocktail bait.


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