Stripey | Lutjanus carponotatus

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Common Name: Stripey
Species Name: Lutjanus carponotatus

The Stripey is also known as the Stripey Sea Perch and Spanish Flag. The Stripey varies in colour depending on the location caught. Fish caught on reef locations are generally silvery or silvery with a bluish hue whereas Stripeys caught closer to shore will be dark in colour with the belly area becoming more silvery. The Stripey has some very distinct features, there are eight or more golden yellow or bronze coloured lines or stripes that run the full length of the body and on to the head four or more are highly visible with fainter lines in between. The Stripeys dorsal and caudal fins are semi-transparent close to the body with bright yellow outer margins the anal is usually bright yellow with the pelvic and pectoral fins lighter yellow to silvery white. The pectoral fin also has a very prominent black mark near the base. The Stripey is a small member of the Lutjanus family growing to approximately 55cm long however it is more commonly caught up to the 30cm mark.

Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia

Light Tackle to Medium Tackle

Small Minnows, Chrome lures and Soft Plastics

Prawns, Squid, Fish Pieces or Strips, Pilchards, Mullet and White Pilchards.

Stripey Size and Bag Limits

Please Note: Bag limits, minimum and maximum lengths are subject to change and review by your State Fisheries Department.


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