Trumpeter Whiting | Sillago maculate

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Common Name: Trumpeter Whiting
Species Name: Sillago maculate

The Trumpeter Whiting is also known as the Winter Whiting, Spotted Whiting, Diver Whiting and Sand Whiting. The upper body colour of the Trumpeter Whiting is silvery grey becoming silvery down the lower flanks with a silver white belly area. The body of the Trumpeter Whiting is sparsely covered with large marks that are dark brown or dark golden brown in colour. A bright silver stripe runs horizontally along the body below the lateral line ending at the tail. The dorsal fins are dusky and translucent with rows of spots. The tail has dark margins at the top and base the pectoral fin has a black mark at the base and the pelvic fins are yellow with a white base and white outer margins. Trumpeter Whiting are a small member of the Whiting family growing to approximately 30cm and around 300g however catches around the 20cm mark are more common and over a 100 whiting in a session is also a common occurrence.

Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania

Light Tackle

Small Soft Plastics

Mud Worms, Blood Worms, Saltwater Yabbies, Sand Worms, Squid and Prawns

Trumpeter Whiting Size and Bag Limits

Please Note: Bag limits, minimum and maximum lengths are subject to change and review by your State Fisheries Department.


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