Wahoo | Acanthocybium solandri

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Common Name: Wahoo
Species Name: Acanthocybium solandri

Wahoo have a Cobalt blue upper body with 24 or more intense blue vertical bars on their sides often doubling or forming a Y shape. The lower body and flanks are predominantly silver in colour.
Another distinguishing featured of the wahoo is the jaws the lower jaw protrudes passed the upper jaw which is moveable. Wahoo are one of the fastest fish recorded to speeds up to 80 kph and is often caught while fishing for larger pelagic species such as Marlin or Tuna.
Wahoo grow to lengths of over 2 mtrs but are most commonly caught between 1 and 1.5 mtrs.

New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Medium Tackle to Heavy Tackle Wire Trace

Skirted Lures, Chrome Lures, Feather lure, plastic squid, saltwater fly’s and high speed bib-less lures.

Garfish, Yellowtail, Slimy Mackerel, Mullet and Strip baits

Wahoo Size and Bag Limits

Please Note: Bag limits, minimum and maximum lengths are subject to change and review by your State Fisheries Department.


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