Yellowfin Bream | Acanthopagrus Australis

Common Name: Yellowfin Bream
Species Name: Acanthopagrus Australis

Where to catch bream

Yellowfin Bream (Acanthopagrus australis) swim above a rocky reef. Fly Point, Port Stephens, NSW

The Yellowfin Bream also known as Silver Bream, Sea Bream, Black Bream and Eastern Black Bream. Yellowfin Bream have a silvery to olive green body colour, varying from silver coloured fish in coastal waters to darker in estuaries. Their pectoral, ventral and anal fins are yellowish. Growing to approximately 65cm in length and about 4kg in weight. Most commonly caught by anglers up to 1.2kg

Video by: Connor Duffy
Full video here: Sight Casting Big Bream on the Shallow Flats

From Townsville in Queensland, New South Wales to the Gippsland Lakes region in Victoria. Yellowfin Bream inhabits headlands, estuaries, rocky shorelines, wharves, pylons, oyster leases, sandbanks, surf beaches, rock walls and just about any place in between you can wet a line.

Light tackle & Fly rod

Surface & Deep Diving Small minnows, flies and Soft plastics

Live yabbies, beachworms, prawns, pipis, fish pieces or strips, whole small fish, chazzbait, bloodworms and sandworms, crabs, mullet gut and whitebait

Yellowfin Bream Size and Bag Limit

Please Note: Bag limits, minimum and maximum lengths are subject to change and review by your State Fisheries Department.

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