Yellowfin Tuna | Thunnus albacares

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Common Name: Yellowfin Tuna
Species Name: Thunnus albacares

The Yellowfin Tuna is also known as Yellowfin, Fin and Allison Tuna. The upper body colour of the Yellowfin Tuna is deep blue this progresses down the flanks to a metallic silver lower body and belly area. When caught Yellowfin Tuna often have a metallic gold band that runs the entire body length. The first dorsal fin is yellow and the second dorsal which in older fish becomes large and sickle shaped is bright yellow. The small triangle finlet leading down to the caudal fins are bright yellow with black outer margins. The Yellowfin Tuna’s tail is dark with a distinctive M shaped notch at the center and the pectoral fins are relatively long and when mature they can be more than a quarter its body length. Yellowfin Tuna can grow up to approximately 175kg and more than 2 meters the largest Australian Yellowfin Tuna caught was 102kg.

Found in all Australian waters

Medium to Heavy Tackle

Jigs, Hexheads, Knuckleheads, Konaheads, Spoons, Chrome lures and Minnows.

Squid, Skipjack Tuna, Frigate Mackerel, Slimy Mackerel , Mackerel Tuna, Bonito, Pilchards Nannygai, Yellowtail and Slimy Mackerel
Yellowfin Tuna Size and Bag Limits

Please Note: Bag limits, minimum and maximum lengths are subject to change and review by your State Fisheries Department.


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